Our Core Values

Trust – Passion – Growth – Empowerment – Balance – Achievement – Accountability



Our team believes that all successful relationships are based on trust and its building blocks – honesty, integrity, confidence, and transparency. We work hard to develop these attributes and even harder to maintain them with our clients, team members, and vendor partners.

Those who work with us rely on the strength of our collective character, credibility, and open, clear channels of communication – and we do not take it for granted. We always act in the best interest of others and have faith that others do the same.

Equally important is our trust in each member of our team to do what is right, no matter the circumstance.


We are passionate about helping others, finding solutions to complex challenges, and turning uncertainty into clarity.  Our clients, associates, and vendor partners see it in everything that we do.  Whether it’s assisting a first-time homebuyer find that perfect home, guiding a homeowner in distress through a unique, multi-lender short sale, or turning a complicated real estate transaction into a simple action plan, we pride ourselves on doing everything with high energy, positive attitude, and with intense feeling of conviction and enthusiasm.

For us, the real estate industry serves as a platform for the realization of our passions in the world, and we are inspired to leave it a better place than when we found it!


Our team believes and values the investment in lifelong learning and personal development, and their contribution to our growth as individuals and professionals.  We know that the ongoing quest for reaching our true potential begins with self awareness and the willingness to push the envelope.  We keep a positive outlook, an open mind to ideas of others, and always search for new ways of doing things and overcoming challenges.

By participating in industry training events, providing consultations, contributing to fundraising campaigns, and volunteering at non-profits, we demonstrate our commitment to the personal, professional, and financial growth of our associates, our clients, and our communities.


Our team believes in empowering our clients to make good choices by providing education, support, and encouragement.  In turn, we empower our associates by promoting creativity, initiative, and a take-charge attitude necessary for individual and team performance.

Great achievements require the coming together of talented people who are willing to give and accept responsibility and the power to act.  We respect each others’ ideas, help those around us discover the tools needed for success, and support each others’ choices regardless of the outcome.

We believe that empowerment is the cornerstone of leadership and helping others how to think, rather than how to do.


Our team believes that balancing life’s many demands starts with clarity of what’s important for harmony and satisfaction in our own, our families’, and our clients’ lives.  We recognize that perception of balance is in fact a constant state of counterbalancing our responsibilities and ambitions amongst different phases of our lives.

Although we’re united by common goals and a similar purpose, we each have our own perspective on why we do what we do, and that provides for diversity, group awareness, and in turn, checks and balances that govern our team’s direction and progress.


Our team believes in delivering results our clients and associates deserve through unparalleled effort and maximization of resources.  We do not shy away from stretch goals and welcome the opportunity to overcome challenges as we learn from both our successes and failures alike.

We believe that the recipe for achievement requires an ongoing pursuit of excellence, combined with a sense of urgency, development of best practices, and big picture, limitless thinking.  Already recognized as one of the premier real estate teams in Maryland by both our peers and our clients, we are determined to build on our strong foundation by empowering our associates, vendors, and clients to create wealth, both intrinsic and extrinsic.

Our team is here to be the best that CAN be!


We believe that accountability starts with transparency and clear, consistent communication with whom we work and serve.  We value constructive feedback from our associates, customers, and partners alike, and are willing to learn from both our failures and our successes.  We always remain solution-based, not issue-focused.

We know that true accountability is possible only with deep commitment to improving our own lives and the lives of those around us.  We take great pride in the fact that our clients rely on us with some of the biggest financial decisions of their lives and we are honored by the responsibilities placed on us.

We do NOT under promise.  We DO over deliver!