Attorneys and CPAs

Our short sale services will provide financial and emotional relief to your clients burdened with over-leveraged real estate assets.

The volatile real estate market presents a certain set of challenges for all of its participants. Fluctuations in prices and interest rates, combined with consumer confidence, job outlook, and political developments can have a great effect on real estate assets and their valuations.

And then…. life, itself, happens!

Whether you are an attorney assisting a client with a divorce case or a bankruptcy filing, a CPA evaluating a client’s real estate portfolio, or a financial advisor educating clients on their retirement options, over-leveraged real estate assets may stand in the way of a perfect outcome.

Our firm will assist you and your clients with minimizing, via a short sale, the negative effects of under-water mortgages, and moving you and your clients towards a desired goal.

As a Mortgage Assistance Relief Service Provider of short sale services, we are in full compliance with the MARS Act and other Federal and State regulations. We are the only firm in Maryland with a short sale services provider and a team of real estate professionals all under one roof. We remain in full control of the short sale process from start to finish – when we’re in control, our clients are in control!

We understand that whom you recommend to your clients is a reflection on you and your business. Because our firm has had great success in assisting clients with short sales, we ask you to utilize Atlas Loss Mitigation as your partner when dealing with clients whose properties are underwater and over-leveraged.

Our promise: We will serve your clients with the highest degree of honesty, integrity, and professionalism.