Are you struggling to pay your mortgage?  Is your lender threatening you with foreclosure and you do not want to go it alone? You have come to the right place. Our team has helped hundreds of homeowners avoid foreclosure and get a fresh start.


Atlas Loss Mitigation is “Your Maryland Short Sale Team”. Our firm was created by the Number One producing Short Sale Realtor team in the state of Maryland (based on homes sold in past 18 month). By leveraging the best practices and processes learned through these experiences we have created an efficient business model to align with other top producing Realtors to stop foreclosures in Maryland one Short Sale at a time.

What is a Short Sale?

A Short Sale is the process of selling a property for less than is owed to lien holders. These lien holders can be Mortgages, Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC), or Association liens. These debtors agree to allow you to sell the property even though they will not receive full payment. This will leave you with what is called a “deficiency”. Unlike foreclosure you will have the ability to ask the lender for full forgiveness of this difference. You may hear many people talk about “walking away”, in our state

How does the short sale process work?

There are many steps to the short sale process. Atlas Loss Mitigation has refined the steps applying best practices throughout to ensure proper expectations are set, and the transaction is structured to avoid any the pitfalls that generally result in a failed short sale.

1. Seller Pre-qualification

Atlas Loss Mitigation has a proprietary client research process that allows our team to properly understand your loan alignment, foresee potential roadblocks, and pull on our experience with your lender(s) to be sure you, the buyer and your Realtor know what to expect.

2. Property Listing

Once the client has decided to list the property we will work with your realtor to make sure the property is priced correctly and the realtor has to proper paperwork to ensure the transaction is fully compliant with national and local regulations. Also, we have worked to establish best practices to help you pick the best offer with the best chance of sucess.

3. Negotiation

Once you select an offer on your home we will begin negotiating with your lender. The contract and supporting documentation is provided and our team will constantly follow-up with your lender(s) to be sure they are moving your case forward and hold them accountable to the rules and regulations that have been established by the government and investors behind the mortgage. Weekly updates will be provided throughout the process.

4. Closing

Once the lender has approved the offer the transaction will be handed back to the listing agent who will work with you and the buyer to get to the closing table. Our team will monitor the closing process and keep your lender up to date on the status of closing.

How do I get started?

Please contact our team. Or you can get started by filling out our short sale pre-qualification survey. Once we speak with you about your situation we will align you with an experienced Realtor and begin the process.